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It's pawty time, and these dogs came to get fluffed up. Here are your best submissions to our “Dogs Gone Wild” challenge! #TheEllenShow #Ellen ...Dogs Gone Wild
Dogs Gone Wild
1 week ago
What's the only thing funnier to watch during the summer than reruns of Ellen? Trick question. Nothing. But here's the second funniest thing to watch... a Slip 'N ...Slip Up
Slip Up
4 week ago
Kids... they grow up so fast, especially when they're acting like adults. If only they'd get a job and pay rent. But until then, enjoy the winning submissions in our ...Copy Cat Kids
Copy Cat Kids
4 week ago
They say you can't choose your family, but you can choose to videotape them doing cute things together. This is a tribute to all the times siblings got along, which ...It Takes Two
It Takes Two
2 month ago