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  • Premiered Sep 5, 2019

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  • Egg Greg
    Egg Greg 2 weeks ago (edited)

    Damn wtf I didn’t think she would put it on YouTube let alone have it on anywhere for free, I love this and her🥺💜

  • ᴄᴀᴛ
    ᴄᴀᴛ 18 hours ago

    Orange juice is the saddest one, It’s like you wanna be yourself but people around you makes you feel you aren’t good enough :c

  • msp pamukhelva
    msp pamukhelva 20 hours ago

    This is one of that movies that you watch like 9383736383 times and never get sick of it.

  • Samaria Taylor
    Samaria Taylor 18 hours ago

    Did anybody realize that Kelly never got out?

  • Nicole Osorto
    Nicole Osorto 19 hours ago

    This is how you know Melanie loves her fans when she makes an amazing movie, puts it on youtube for FREE, with no ads.

  • JIM Z
    JIM Z 2 weeks ago

    can we appreciate the fact that this is free? we literally don't have to pay anything. and this is what i call PERFECTION

  • M J
    M J 17 hours ago

    This is probably the dumbest question ever but where are her tattoos ?

  • Haylee Elizabeth
    Haylee Elizabeth 20 hours ago

    Well, if this doesn’t scream childhood trauma, I don’t know what does

  • TayTay Trxsh
    TayTay Trxsh 21 hours ago (edited)

    I am so happy that Melanie put this on YouTube because my parents would have probably never let me watch this

  • living meme69
    living meme69 20 hours ago

    hairdresser : so melanie what hair style do you want

  • Maniiツ
    Maniiツ 2 weeks ago


  • DailyPotato
    DailyPotato 19 hours ago

    Melanie should like rlly be an actor to I mean if she isn’t already . Cuz like as we can all tell she’s made this amazing film

  • HarlsandJen
    HarlsandJen 20 hours ago

    Is anyone going to talk about the cliff hanger

  • woah uh-mazing
    woah uh-mazing 21 hours ago

    I love how Brandon is the shit during the first 20 minutes then everyone forgets about his existence

  • Yuji - Han Gacha
    Yuji - Han Gacha 20 hours ago

    Directors ; What color hair do you want?

  • duffledoll
    duffledoll 2 weeks ago

    people who couldnt see the movie: 😥

  • SaraIsLame18
    SaraIsLame18 19 hours ago

    So thinks that the show and tell song represents her celebrity life ;(

  • Unequaled Equines
    Unequaled Equines 20 hours ago

    am i the only one getting mad alice in wonderland vibes from this?

  • Charlotte Telfer
    Charlotte Telfer 18 hours ago

    7 million dollars and 4 years making this and she puts it on YouTube for free with no ads, I love this girl. Thank you for this Melanie x

  • クイーンraiinni
    クイーンraiinni 20 hours ago

    btw, nobody gonna talk about how Youtube Movies put K-12 for almost 4.00 dollars?- When you can legit watch the movie for free on Melanie Martinez channel—