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  • Published on Jul 28, 2011

  • Sister Act 2 - Oh happy Day (Lyrics) mit Whoopi Goldberg
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  • Willie B.T.
    Willie B.T. 3 years ago


  • GryffindorGurl
    GryffindorGurl 4 years ago

    im not a religious person, but I love this song! so addicting 

  • Malcolm Kekua
    Malcolm Kekua 3 years ago

    when you find an extra nugget in your kids meal

  • MattyClanzz
    MattyClanzz 4 years ago

    My dad ask what song i should play at his funeral and i said this song.... he was pissed at me haha

  • Bene Ez
    Bene Ez 5 years ago

    That high note gets me everytime. PER-FECT!

  • Zane Sheppo
    Zane Sheppo 3 years ago

    We did play this song at our Mums funeral....she was going to be with Jesus, also we played Mama by Babyface....saddest day but also a beautiful funeral .RIP my darling mum xxx

  • Tyra Suliwan
    Tyra Suliwan 4 years ago

    OH, HAPPY DAY ☺🙏😊

  • Johanna040713
    Johanna040713 2 years ago

    "Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding" (Proverbs 3: 5)

  • Loretta Hill
    Loretta Hill 3 years ago

    gospel songs r the fellings of GOD.

  • lachelle hayes
    lachelle hayes 5 years ago

    Wow he hit tat high note so perfectly

  • EJ
    EJ 2 years ago

    when you find out that the person you hate is moving out of the city (this happened to me and i thought of this song)

  • better than gucci
    better than gucci 3 years ago

    Army knows why I'm here

  • annacondanaa
    annacondanaa 4 years ago

    On l'a chante tout le temps au collège 3

  • Alessandra Morato Colucci

    Aleluiaaa 👌💗 OH HAPPY DAY 🎶

  • Sarah Mudeebe
    Sarah Mudeebe 2 years ago


  • João Pedro Alec
    João Pedro Alec 2 years ago

    alguém do brasil aqui?

  • frank manu
    frank manu 4 years ago

    i love god im a preacher

  • Shell Bridges
    Shell Bridges 5 years ago

    That high note though :)

  • Jaylen Davis
    Jaylen Davis 2 years ago

    Only few can hit that high note 👏🏾

  • Kathy B.
    Kathy B. 5 years ago

    Oh wow. This is great!