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  • 6 months ago

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  • Grady Wolf
    Grady Wolf 2019-12-10T08:46:29.000Z

    "Hey look more malver memes" ITS MARVEL

  • Toby Korn5
    Toby Korn5 2019-12-10T03:48:24.000Z

    Bring the mirror back

  • Timothy 69
    Timothy 69 2019-12-10T00:27:28.000Z

    fuck i can’t believe you’ve done that

  • RaulA
    RaulA 2019-12-09T10:00:41.000Z

    Te perdono Señor Pewds because I skratta.

  • PHP HexX
    PHP HexX 2019-12-09T06:30:47.000Z


  • Re_ Jack
    Re_ Jack 2019-12-09T04:07:36.000Z

    Best opening 😂

  • Hans W
    Hans W 2019-12-09T01:27:10.000Z


  • Yoggo Toggo
    Yoggo Toggo 2019-12-08T23:17:24.000Z

    I’m not gay i’m bisexual does that count pewds

  • Evan Lewis
    Evan Lewis 2019-12-08T20:29:04.000Z

    One of the lights on the mirror is out

  • crazy lazy bros
    crazy lazy bros 2019-12-08T16:58:48.000Z

    no no no no no me no clean

  • Edgar Jones
    Edgar Jones 2019-12-08T13:33:13.000Z

    i love yu pewdiepie

  • Son Goku
    Son Goku 2019-12-08T07:20:08.000Z

    I'm not even gay but I took the fist...ChiChi is real mad at me though

  • TommyBoy YT
    TommyBoy YT 2019-12-08T02:30:44.000Z

    Of course u offer ur fist to the gay people lmao

  • Thần Nguyễn
    Thần Nguyễn 2019-12-08T01:33:04.000Z

    a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVv-5xXmhd8&t=0m32s">0:32/a> Me and my brother fight and mom come in

  • Chayee Bailey
    Chayee Bailey 2019-12-08T00:36:14.000Z

    I have the same flimingo poster in our art class

  • real moto moto
    real moto moto 2019-12-07T11:53:09.000Z

    Jag fick blue yeti reklam

  • Comman Man
    Comman Man 2019-12-07T07:14:55.000Z

    I'm a big fan of yours from Tamilnadu❤️🐺

  • Leslie Howard-Redweik
    Leslie Howard-Redweik 2019-12-06T08:02:28.000Z

    The mirror is still dirty on the left for the viewers. On the lamp... My OCD tells me so

  • Taco King
    Taco King 2019-12-06T04:38:52.000Z

    a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZVv-5xXmhd8&t=1m13s">1:13/a> Brofist if your gay "TOO"...is pewdiepie...gay?

  • Beast from East
    Beast from East 2019-12-05T15:54:42.000Z