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  • Published on Aug 8, 2019

  • Hi Beautiful! The time has come to give THE Joana Ceddia a Mondo Makeover! Beautiful before, beautiful after (just a little more extra). JOANAS VIDEO ▷https://bit.ly/2YWVNjj JOANAS CHANNEL ▷ https://bit.ly/2scCRyP JOANAS INSTA ▷https://bit.ly/2yOJQBi JOEL (MAKEUP ARTIST) INSTA ▷ https://bit.ly/2MR0aaF SHOP MY NEW MERCH ▷ https://goo.gl/VN6tVD SUBSCRIBE TO BRAD & ERIC ▷ https://bit.ly/2LZY3nB SHOP XMONDO HAIRCARE ▷ https://www.xmondohair.com/ SOCIALS: INSTAGRAM ▷ https://www.instagram.com/bradmondonyc/ TWITTER ▷ https://twitter.com/bradmondonyc XMONDO INSTA ▷ https://www.instagram.com/xmondohair/ VIDEO EDITING BY ▷http://www.marcelsaleta.com/ DON'T FORGET TO LIVE YOUR EXTRA LIFE!
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  • Brad Mondo
    Brad Mondo 1 week ago

    The moment has come 😄

  • Reese Caitlin
    Reese Caitlin 1 week ago

    seeing John Cena full glam just messed up my brain

  • Jasminn
    Jasminn 1 week ago

    She high key looks like Jenna Marbles lost daughter after

  • Elise Eng
    Elise Eng 5 days ago

    Brad: “I have such a pet peeve for long hair.”

  • Samantha Rose
    Samantha Rose 5 days ago

    she looks like one of those cleche movies when the nerd gets a make over and now is the hottest girl in the school XD

  • Powdered Sugar
    Powdered Sugar 1 week ago

    This is perfect, two underrated youtubers becoming best friends

  • Taylor Peterson
    Taylor Peterson 1 week ago

    Petition for Brad to have his own show on Netflix where he does makeovers. 10 out of 10 would watch.

  • Ellbat
    Ellbat 1 day ago

    so what youre saying is i just have to completely ruin my scalp n hair in order to meet u and have u make me look cute? 👀

  • Ana.
    Ana. 6 days ago (edited)

    She's like Jenna Marbles and Kristen Bell combined, omg.

  • Sarah Cellitti
    Sarah Cellitti 1 day ago

    Legit almost cried. Joana smiled the whole time it was so infectious and your energies are so FRIGGJN PURE she looks so beautiful i love this

  • Jame Andy
    Jame Andy 1 week ago

    What a apparently magnificent human being Joana is. I cant adequate of her bubbly personality. That hair dyeing video was once the first issue Ive considered from her. Shes a breath of sparkling air. A funny, extra, eccentric breath of sparkling air...

  • Chelsea Stewart
    Chelsea Stewart 1 week ago

    Can we make this a series “brad mondo fixes hair he reacted to” lol

  • Halley Evans
    Halley Evans 5 days ago

    She is so beautiful naturally...she is so cute :)

  • miakhalifaa
    miakhalifaa 1 week ago

    this how much joana said yeah in the video

  • sirena
    sirena 2 days ago

    Omg she’s like freaking beautiful!!!! She does not look like a pilgrim anymore lol

  • Jame Andy
    Jame Andy 5 days ago

    American man and his clones assault Canadian womans hair and face 1937, colorized

  • Huiping Zhang
    Huiping Zhang 1 week ago

    I just realized I’ve never really heard John Cena interacting with anyone

  • Ral Deaver
    Ral Deaver 1 week ago

    I kept wondering who this girl reminded me off and then he did the short, wavy hair, with the makeup and hit me: She looks like she could be Kristen Bell's little sister.

  • A Milky Cup Of Bees

    “Oh it tastes good!”

  • ღ melody ღ
    ღ melody ღ 4 days ago

    *james charles has entered the chat*