Master, forgive me - #41 [REDDIT REVIEW] Baixar mp3 - Baixar vídeo

  • 6 months ago

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  • rosie
    rosie 2019-12-10T06:11:01.000Z

    pewdiepie : b>"punish me daddy, please"/b>br />br />b>alright troops, he's a level 5000 twink/b>

  • Anakin Skywalker
    Anakin Skywalker 2019-12-10T00:54:12.000Z

    a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_mWfxZY6T24&t=3m37s">3:37/a> ree kid will be happy

  • Trustme33
    Trustme33 2019-12-09T16:38:20.000Z

    I know this is an old video but the "percent of power" thing is definitely from dbz, especially Frieza.

  • FloofKid
    FloofKid 2019-12-08T05:42:05.000Z

    It’s not a holdster, it’s a scabbardbr />10 months later: it’s no use...br />br />I’m too late...

  • Isaac Girouard
    Isaac Girouard 2019-12-08T00:05:18.000Z

    God, I saw this video when it came out and even now a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_mWfxZY6T24&t=3m20s">3:20/a> just kills me.

  • TheShadowCat 156
    TheShadowCat 156 2019-12-07T06:10:35.000Z

    I downloaded br />Pewdiepie tuber simulator br />And it is AWSOME!!!br />Like seriously 😐

  • Blackout 15
    Blackout 15 2019-12-07T03:41:41.000Z

    Pro gamer has blood ox heart and hardened skin

  • Joel Eichelberger
    Joel Eichelberger 2019-12-02T03:08:17.000Z


  • kelsea
    kelsea 2019-12-02T03:03:55.000Z

    Pewds: b>is married to italy herself/b> br />Also pewds: LuhSaG-nuh

  • Александр Логинов
    Александр Логинов 2019-12-01T18:34:58.000Z

    Ты крутой

  • Spongebob with A gun
    Spongebob with A gun 2019-11-28T21:02:47.000Z

    The Garfield thing came from Garfielf duh

  • Smiillee
    Smiillee 2019-11-24T01:25:42.000Z


  • Liam Fletcher
    Liam Fletcher 2019-11-23T06:51:25.000Z

    a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_mWfxZY6T24&t=8m33s">8:33/a> one word for those movements is Kata and they are meant to look pretty

  • Full Power Vegito Blue
    Full Power Vegito Blue 2019-11-21T00:39:25.000Z

    What subreddit is this?

  • Yaya Lu
    Yaya Lu 2019-11-19T07:29:49.000Z

    Omg Ben Shapiro inflating, I’m dying

  • Adan Montenegro
    Adan Montenegro 2019-11-18T12:40:09.000Z


  • Anther site
    Anther site 2019-11-18T03:50:40.000Z

    The holster of a sword is called a scabbord(not sure how to spell that) or sheath.

  • Exatronex
    Exatronex 2019-11-18T00:44:36.000Z

    It’s already this old!?! I thought I watched this like last week!

  • EccentricSage
    EccentricSage 2019-11-17T09:36:49.000Z

    a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_mWfxZY6T24&t=9m48s">9:48/a> Because she's fit and is using it correctly. If it was a fat chick flailing it would be cringe.

  • EccentricSage
    EccentricSage 2019-11-17T09:34:49.000Z

    a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_mWfxZY6T24&t=8m47s">8:47/a> Tai Chi?