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  • Premiere am 20.05.2020

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  • Dolorès Donk
    Dolorès Donk Hace 1 semana

    Imagine this man being the face of Gfuel instead of keemster

  • Reza Safdari
    Reza Safdari Hace 4 días (editado)

    I nearly cried every time I listen to this man’s voice realizing what that Coward-Keem has done to this poor soul and his reputation. He’s just a lovely old grandpa. I hope you go to hell Keem.

  • Strange
    Strange Hace 5 días

    Lowkey: Waking up at 2:26 AM to a cup of coffee, a cigarette, and redemption is a vibe.

  • Duck Poppy
    Duck Poppy Hace 4 días

    I can't believe how someone can be mean to this guy, he is such a wholesome guy i just wanna hug him

  • Some Industry Plant
    Some Industry Plant Hace 5 días

    Finally... WholesomeTube

  • Joseph Martin's
    Joseph Martin's Hace 1 semana (editado)

    This Genuinely good guy didn't even address keem once, he just showed his appreciation

  • Aagaz B
    Aagaz B Hace 5 días

    I could listen to this man talk for hours quite soothing

  • Termazel *
    Termazel * Hace 4 días

    I love how he didn’t even mention keemstars name once 😂 but tony if you read this I hope you’re having a great life and bless your family. What your doing everyday is exactly what I plan for when I get old :)) and I’m sure a lot of people are dropping their rsn and saying corny shit like this but if you read this and want to play runescape with a stranger to mix it up once and a while I’m 1000% down :)) RSN: Tatum Guthix

  • Kez
    Kez Hace 4 días (editado)

    Everyone that disliked this doesn't deserve presents for Christmas

  • O K
    O K Hace 3 días

    “I’m drinking a cup of coffee and smoking a cigarette” -Legend 2020

  • TipsyChump
    TipsyChump Hace 1 semana (editado)

    YouTube finally putting some worth on the Trending Page.

  • Ethan Krueger
    Ethan Krueger Hace 3 días

    It’s so sad to see that he hasn’t liked any of the comments :( he’s scared to look through them and see false accusations about him and get himself down. I might cry. He is so sweet and I’m sure a smaller channel would love to see the response to this video but he can’t because he thinks keemstars goons will spam this vid

  • GabzitoHD
    GabzitoHD Hace 5 días

    Petition for this man to replace Keemstar and rename the show GrandpaAlert

  • KingDennisJensen
    KingDennisJensen Hace 5 días

    God I love the internet. So happy that this happened to such a wonderful person.

  • kittyxshojo
    kittyxshojo Hace 4 días

    “Even after death I still love her ❤️” thats wheN I cried lol

  • Stuart Martin
    Stuart Martin Hace 1 semana

    This man must be protected at all costs

  • Collin Pierce
    Collin Pierce Hace 4 días

    Youtube just recommended this to me with an actual notification. I’m glad.

  • Ludvigsen
    Ludvigsen Hace 4 días

    We don't deserve some people on this planet, and this guy is one of them.

  • Hallie Terrazas
    Hallie Terrazas Hace 2 días

    Look how incredible and POSITIVE Ethan’s impact was. Keem, take notes.

  • Jackuth
    Jackuth Hace 5 días

    The like ratio on this video literally proves that Keemstar’s videos on H3 are like botted lmaoo