I LOST my horse in Minecraft (REAL TEARS) - Part 4 Baixar mp3 - Baixar vídeo

  • 5 months ago

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  • Reed Anderman
    Reed Anderman 2019-12-09T23:50:29.000Z

    yyou cant grab a bucket of everything

  • Lt Crescent
    Lt Crescent 2019-12-09T23:33:56.000Z

    the fact the pewds isn't leashing his horse is hurting me

  • Kayla Williams
    Kayla Williams 2019-12-09T16:54:18.000Z

    I ment speed

  • Kayla Williams
    Kayla Williams 2019-12-09T16:53:42.000Z

    That horse is speep

  • Morris creed
    Morris creed 2019-12-09T15:45:53.000Z

    did felix already 'sea' the ruin in the water?

  • Erik Rivero
    Erik Rivero 2019-12-09T07:09:37.000Z

    epic cliffhanger

  • Jacob Mip
    Jacob Mip 2019-12-09T01:05:55.000Z

    Water sheep was gone in the water so he still alive so the FAKE water sheep died but the real one is still alive

  • Kyra Kentimenos
    Kyra Kentimenos 2019-12-09T00:05:39.000Z

    pewds videos when im alone: b>silence/b>br />br />br />br />br />br />pewds videos when my mom walks in: a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1mAqt9yKYY&t=10m21s">10:21/a>

  • Arbin_LOL
    Arbin_LOL 2019-12-08T23:51:21.000Z

    a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1mAqt9yKYY&t=1m42s">1:42/a> hmmmmmmm where is wotor sheeeeppppp

  • 222deff
    222deff 2019-12-08T22:09:34.000Z

    use a rope to keep joergen safe

  • Kaja Wnukowicz
    Kaja Wnukowicz 2019-12-08T20:40:50.000Z

    Felix: murders illager with banner and lives 10 metres from a villagebr />br />My heart beat: shubytsvsbsbsihvsgueihenhienehsbjgsbshbjs

  • ninja gamer
    ninja gamer 2019-12-08T18:54:21.000Z

    Yorgan nooooooooooooooooo😭

  • ninja gamer
    ninja gamer 2019-12-08T18:44:47.000Z

    Escreve no chat /gamerule keepyeinventori true

  • Kurt Bromagem
    Kurt Bromagem 2019-12-08T18:09:51.000Z

    a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1mAqt9yKYY&t=10m21s">10:21/a> / a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1mAqt9yKYY&t=14m55s">14:55/a> felix be moaning

  • Jared JaMMsTeEIne
    Jared JaMMsTeEIne 2019-12-08T16:58:04.000Z

    Peers: tries to put EVERY SINGLE ANIMAL in the bucketbr />br />Me: b>*cries*/b>

  • Jeb_ The water sheep
    Jeb_ The water sheep 2019-12-08T16:24:27.000Z

    Water sheep has punished pewdiepie by making Juergen lost

  • Jeb_ The water sheep
    Jeb_ The water sheep 2019-12-08T16:15:36.000Z

    Water sheep enjoys Felix dying

  • Wolfy_ Gacha
    Wolfy_ Gacha 2019-12-08T13:15:21.000Z

    Pewdiepew : im never gonna leave you again joergen. br />br />Literally 5 seconds later: b>leaves joergen/b>

  • Banano Slice
    Banano Slice 2019-12-08T11:10:18.000Z

    a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1mAqt9yKYY&t=1m45s">1:45/a> Where is water sheep? He is gone!

  • Brytt Gamer
    Brytt Gamer 2019-12-08T10:50:55.000Z

    a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1mAqt9yKYY&t=1m12s">1:12/a> He has screwed up xd