Niko B - Who's That What's That Download

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  • Premiere am 21.05.2020

  • Who's That What's That by Niko B. Tom Austin The greatest song ever I hope you all dance to this at your weddings. Beat produced by November. Directed by: THREE OAK FILMS @threeoakfilms Creative Director: Tom Austin @ihatetomaustin Producer: WEAREBLK @weareblkofficial DoP: Sonni Wibaut @ubuthongo 1st AC: Thomas Griffiths @twi.2e Prod. Assistant: Jiva Kara-Howard @jiva_kh Editor: Sonni Wibaut @ubuthongo Music producer: November @november.137 COMMENT "WHERE'S MY WALLET" IF YOU SEE THIS LOVE U ALL THANK YOU SO MUCH. #nikob #whosthatwhatsthat #trending


  • Life of Luke
    Life of Luke Hace 1 semana

    The local nitty would be proud to see how far you’ve come

  • Ciaran McDonagh
    Ciaran McDonagh Hace 1 semana

    All the middle class girls who dress like effy from skins are gonna love this one😤

  • Maddy Bennett
    Maddy Bennett Hace 1 semana (editado)

    the dislikes are people who are sad they're not british

  • James Garrard
    James Garrard Hace 1 semana

    This deserves to be played on tv when boris says lockdowns over

  • Anthony Mammone
    Anthony Mammone Hace 5 días

    Does anyone think he sounds like SL if he never got introduced to drill?

  • hugo who
    hugo who Hace 1 semana (editado)

    should’ve got the local nitty for a verse on this one

  • Gabriel Gittens
    Gabriel Gittens Hace 3 días

    The songs cool and all but, how tf did my man get a bic mac.

  • mr pzo
    mr pzo Hace 5 días (editado)

    i ask for extra gerkins just so I can take them out eventually one day they will run out

  • Kamstamizer
    Kamstamizer Hace 4 días

    "he can't find his phone so he asked me to call it"

  • Tubbzz
    Tubbzz Hace 4 días

    Someone tell me how he is copping Big Mac’s, Milkshakes and Large Fries on lockdown. I need to know!

  • Night Scape
    Night Scape Hace 1 semana

    This song’s been in my head for a week and I couldn’t be happier this dropped

  • Jermaine J
    Jermaine J Hace 2 días

    “A dealer cuz he hates the police”, “okaY” 🤣🤣🤣

  • Libby Rose
    Libby Rose Hace 3 días

    he’s right about the gherkins tho never had a big mac and not taken the gherkins out

  • chongツ
    chongツ Hace 4 días

    bro imagine if niko bellic and tom austin did a collab

  • Francisco Lourenço
    Francisco Lourenço Hace 5 días

    Finally something original

  • Michael campion
    Michael campion Hace 1 semana

    All rise for the new national anthem

  • Ted Ames
    Ted Ames Hace 1 día

    need a youtube series called “the chronicles of the local nitty”

  • Viral Central
    Viral Central Hace 1 semana

    Me: I'm going to scroll through the comments section.

  • WICKwill
    WICKwill Hace 9 horas

    It's funny how he just raps about his daily average day but It's still fire af

  • Oliver Lewis
    Oliver Lewis Hace 5 días

    Only thing on trending that I haven't disliked