PE With Joe | Thursday 21st May Download

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  • Live übertragen am 21.05.2020

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  • okow tina
    okow tina Hace 3 días

    For tomorrow hint of what I’m gonna be: can have a tail when in water when out of water legs

  • Severine Tompsett
    Severine Tompsett Hace 1 semana

    Those lunges jumps 😳 but still getting stronger! Well done team Joe Wicks! 😁

  • A PAD
    A PAD Hace 1 semana

    I’m only 7 and I do the exercises all day, everyday! It’s fun! I just wanted to say good job! And keep up the good work!

  • Sienna Lobo
    Sienna Lobo Hace 1 semana (editado)

    I am watching this at eight thirty pm and I love these workouts!

  • Amber
    Amber Hace 1 semana

    this workout was tough! maybe its cause i havent done your workouts in 3 days as i had an injured toe :( but its lovely to be back and joining in with he workouts! For some reason i feel like he is gonna dress up as spongebob haha

  • Charlotte Avery
    Charlotte Avery Hace 1 semana

    Jay last time you said that you knew my mum yeah she did text you didn’t she love your videos

  • Atlantic badass_xo
    Atlantic badass_xo Hace 1 semana

    Every pe teacher be sending this tho like every single weeeek 😪😭😤

  • Simon Warren
    Simon Warren Hace 1 semana

    Nice one Joe - started late but got our daily fix - thank you, Simon, Andrea & Daisy in Poole

  • Rebekah Hannah
    Rebekah Hannah Hace 1 semana

    Great workout Joe, the ones with 20 different exercises are my favourite! Really tough, really good. I'm always a day behind you cos I can't wait til 9am to do them, but I haven't missed one!! Thank you xxx

  • Jaspreet Grewal
    Jaspreet Grewal Hace 1 semana

    Morning all the way from The OC, California....its 2am! Please shout out to Hargun 6 and Munveer 3. We love the workouts! Thank you for sharing and keep spreading the awesomeness!

  • Taty Robinson
    Taty Robinson Hace 1 semana (editado)

    Everyone goes to : the comments . My dog : barks ! Everything is noisy today ! Thanks Joe

    TIM YOON Hace 1 semana


  • Chan Chan
    Chan Chan Hace 1 semana

    Thanks for the workout Joe, another fantastic one!

  • Nick Simmons
    Nick Simmons Hace 1 semana

    For 2 over 40’s that have done everyday can you please make a 5 min cool video.

  • mediabusybee
    mediabusybee Hace 1 semana

    Can you sometimes suggest wheelchair or sit down friendly exercises, I'm a wheelchair user and do your workouts most days. I try and adapt as much as possible but be good to have a few suggestions

  • Clive Keene
    Clive Keene Hace 1 semana

    Great workout again today Joe - thanks so much for doing these, you are really helping us all get through this difficult time. Legend.

  • Sheeky Kaulthar
    Sheeky Kaulthar Hace 1 semana (editado)

    This is so good didn’t realise I had done so much, really pushed me

  • Master Investor
    Master Investor Hace 1 semana

    Will, Joe and Tom in Sheffield love the sessions and would be very excited to receive a mention if at all possible. They will all be in fancy dress on Friday, as will dad.

  • thegamesshark1 builds
    thegamesshark1 builds Hace 1 semana

    Anybody watching this for skool

  • regan bentley
    regan bentley Hace 1 semana

    I feel like Jellyyyyyyyyyyy