Reacting to THE HELIUM SONG Reactions with Miniminter! (KSI, Crypt & More!) Download

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  • 20.05.2020

  • Download the song: Let's try chart this! Pokemon Channel: Discord: Reddit: My PC: Social Media: Instagram Twitter


  • Halima Sadia
    Halima Sadia Hace 1 semana

    Make a track called What’s Good and make it the theme to your podcast

  • Sam Cooper
    Sam Cooper Hace 1 semana

    Simon seems quite self conscious about doing music, but he shouldn’t be cos he’s sick

  • João Dias
    João Dias Hace 1 semana

    You can tell Simon really enjoyed having compliments for his verse, he should just try rap for real, would be sick

  • Luke Sargeant
    Luke Sargeant Hace 1 semana

    Simon has been acting so cool and confident in his videos joking that he's a rapper now but you can tell in this vid he's so anxious about people's reactions 😂😂

  • Joey (Lucky Boy) Nato
    Joey (Lucky Boy) Nato Hace 1 semana

    Randolph x Joey Nato collab confirmed.

  • BlaZe_ Elemental
    BlaZe_ Elemental Hace 1 semana

    I really want Simon to make more songs because every one of his songs that he has made is is a banger

  • Joshua Bongiorno
    Joshua Bongiorno Hace 1 semana

    As an American, the amount of people that say “Minimeter” is embarrassing

  • MJenius MJ
    MJenius MJ Hace 1 semana

    Simon has a 100% success rate in songs he actually raps in,he should release more music

  • Joe Mama
    Joe Mama Hace 1 semana

    Do your next track on Sulphur Hexafluoride. It is a gas multiple times more dense than air and makes your voice extremely deep. Would love to see what you would do with that!

  • MUBI N
    MUBI N Hace 1 semana

    It was so wholesome when Simon says he takes inspiration from JJ.

  • Osac Oink
    Osac Oink Hace 1 semana (editado)

    Why aren’t they showing respect too Kon he’s to sick.

  • Hannah Taylor
    Hannah Taylor Hace 1 semana

    Simons flow is sick. I know he doesn’t want to make serious music but I rate his music

  • Crypt
    Crypt Hace 1 semana

    I said arguably one of the funniest things I’ve ever said in the intro of my video about Simon and you skipped it 😔

  • Litty Factz
    Litty Factz Hace 1 semana


  • Bloody _oath69
    Bloody _oath69 Hace 5 días (editado)

    You know Randolph is over the top when he bops his head to the beat on a song he made, why you still bopping your head, you've heard so many times lmao

  • Ripzy
    Ripzy Hace 1 semana


  • S
    S Hace 1 semana

    Simon is too underrated

  • tom sav19_
    tom sav19_ Hace 1 semana

    Shouldn’t care what people think to be honest because Simon’s actually underrated not gonna lie

  • chad brown
    chad brown Hace 1 semana

    Ngl Simon’s verse was so much better than Randolphs he’s a better artist for sure should make more music

  • Sam11skillz
    Sam11skillz Hace 1 semana

    that must of felt so good for Simon when his best mate whose a top ten artist rates his flow