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  • Published on Feb 3, 2019

  • Adam Levine and Maroon 5 perform at the Pepsi Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show featuring Travis Scott and Big Boi. The New England Patriots battle the Los Angeles Rams during Super Bowl LIII. Subscribe to NFL: http://j.mp/1L0bVBu Check out our other channels: NFL Vault http://www.youtube.com/nflvault NFL Network http://www.youtube.com/nflnetwork NFL Films http://www.youtube.com/nflfilms NFL Rush http://www.youtube.com/nflrush #Maroon5 #TravisScott #BigBoi
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  • KiNGxLua
    KiNGxLua 3 months ago

    Patrick’s voice: “Boooooooo”

  • stob it
    stob it 1 month ago (edited)

    When travis scott sang . I thought my earphones

  • Jung Hyun
    Jung Hyun 1 month ago

    You had one chance. You took my only chance to shine and crushed it to tiny pieces.

  • Duck Knowledge
    Duck Knowledge 1 month ago

    Sounds like something from an Elementary School talent show.

  • BortlesGOAT2017
    BortlesGOAT2017 1 month ago

    NFL: Plays sicko mode

  • s song
    s song 3 months ago

    I'd rather hear squidward play the clarinet

  • Vinny Prada
    Vinny Prada 1 month ago

    Travis scott screaming his lyrics really takes away the vibe of the song.

  • Corey Playz
    Corey Playz 4 weeks ago


  • I am the king of the memes
    I am the king of the memes 1 month ago (edited)

    Plays sicko mode instead of sweet victory:

  • Matheus schramm
    Matheus schramm 3 weeks ago

    Lol remember when he said Lady Gaga was irrelevant

  • Dank Donuts
    Dank Donuts 3 months ago


  • Michael Wade
    Michael Wade 1 month ago

    "This is the musical genius you've all been waiting for....."

  • Bren Jacob
    Bren Jacob 1 month ago

    All the people around the stage are paid actors to "TRY" and make it seem good. BUT DAAAAMN they failed.

  • Ali Bata
    Ali Bata 3 weeks ago

    Omg the worst Superbowl in history! Adam Levine was out of tune all the time! Wtf! And he is coaching/judging the voice? LOL This man needs to rest and recover. Smh

  • Darrel Cole
    Darrel Cole 1 month ago (edited)


  • HistoricallyClinton
    HistoricallyClinton 4 weeks ago

    "I hate this channel"

  • Exorillius
    Exorillius 1 month ago

    The M stage stands for: Mediocre

  • Starrik Kyrubui
    Starrik Kyrubui 2 weeks ago

    You could've done something great..

  • Sie Ma
    Sie Ma 1 month ago

    Lady Gaga please show Adam how real Super Bowl should looks like

  • Richardt W
    Richardt W 3 months ago

    Is disappointment an instrument?