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  • Published on Jul 22, 2018

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  • Amaris Figaro
    Amaris Figaro 8 months ago

    My grades are a mess

  • Holman Seda
    Holman Seda 7 months ago

    who elses favorite parr is im a mess im a loser im a hater im a user?

  • Sienna Hudson
    Sienna Hudson 8 months ago

    This song explains my life. LOL.

  • ابومحمد عبدالغفار

    who loves this song? lets see who love it (i love it so much)

  • Whiteny & Hannah
    Whiteny & Hannah 8 months ago

    Does anybody else listen to this because they can relate cuz there crush doesn’t like then back?

  • ces_ mp
    ces_ mp 8 months ago

    I ❤ this song!!!!!!!! Pls. Like if u really ❤ this song!!!!

  • GalaxyGaming Gacha-mations

    omg I broke the replay button lol

  • Kinley Tucker
    Kinley Tucker 9 months ago

    MoM i MISs yOU 😔

  • N i T h Y a
    N i T h Y a 10 months ago

    i just woke up like seriously and im a MESSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  • Hi Hi
    Hi Hi 9 months ago (edited)

    Who else watched the whole video

  • CALEIGH blogs
    CALEIGH blogs 10 months ago

    That's what my therapist say😍

  • noodles ツツ udon
    noodles ツツ udon 8 months ago

    I love this song to much cause I can relate, WHO CAN RELATE?!?!

  • Yuuko Shirayuki - Chan MoonEclipseLauren

    Awesome! 3

  • CALEIGH blogs
    CALEIGH blogs 10 months ago

    Ooooooh my goodness thank you sooooooo much 1 hour loops I've been waiting for this song lol also I love you guys me and my sister love ur music she just saw the channel yesterday and now she loves it

  • Shy Jade
    Shy Jade 10 months ago

    I like this song bc I can relate to it 👌

  • Shaunteplayz Everydayz

    This is to mAh crush

  • Ice cream :3
    Ice cream :3 8 months ago

    Everything's been so messed up here lately

  • wereWOLF da demon half saintFREMEY1926

    Its my broke heart

  • Athena Madden
    Athena Madden 9 months ago

    This is me im a MESS everyday but thats good! In a good way ❤

  • Sashaneuhaus7 Playz
    Sashaneuhaus7 Playz 6 months ago

    Love it who is watching in 2018 and who is going to listen to it in 2019/ me I love all songs especially 1 hour loops thx so much for making these vids❤️🤟🏼✅👋