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  • Published on Jun 13, 2019

  • The Toronto Raptors have defeated the Golden State Warriors, 114-110, to win the 2019 NBA Finals, becoming the first non-U.S. franchise to win an NBA title. After leading the Raptors to their first NBA Championship in franchise history, Kawhi Leonard was named 2019 NBA Finals MVP. Leonard became the third highest scorer (732 points) in a single NBA postseason in NBA Playoffs history, the 3rd player in NBA Finals history to win NBA Finals MVP with two different teams, and the 4th player to win NBA Finals MVP in his first season with a team.
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  • Mayborn Music Beatz
    Mayborn Music Beatz 1 month ago

    Y'all remember when Kawhi said he was a fun guy? He wasn't lying!

  • Raul Gonzalez
    Raul Gonzalez 1 month ago

    Man I feel so happy for Lowry so underappreciated for too long

  • Маленькая Албания

    Congrats to the Raptors! Legendary title for real.

  • Alexander Jackson
    Alexander Jackson 1 month ago

    the commentary sounds like its homemade

  • doc Mo gun
    doc Mo gun 1 month ago

    That was the longest 0.9 seconds in the NBA. Mf refrees...

  • Ultraist Playz
    Ultraist Playz 1 month ago

    Us Canadians will remember this moment forever

  • camaleon18
    camaleon18 1 month ago

    congratulations Toronto Raptors! I'm a Heat fan but happy for Canada, my second country.

  • beast kd
    beast kd 1 month ago

    Kawhi didn't need to join a 73-win team to win the championship. Kawhi>KD

  • Apathy
    Apathy 1 month ago (edited)

    Kawhi was there on loan and brought that team a championship

  • Xennol Northernhigh
    Xennol Northernhigh 1 month ago

    Congratulations jurasic park! This is it the road to victory! 🏆🎉👏👍

  • Aldo Orlando Contreras Ferrara

    And remember when they said Golden State would win the series 4-0. They did not know what kind of wall they were going to meet. All my life waiting for this moment, a golden team.

  • Brian Ogoti
    Brian Ogoti 1 month ago

    Thank you raptors the bucks could have been swept by warriors

  • NatureXwars
    NatureXwars 1 month ago

    Too bad it’s not at home court...would love to hear the fans & crowd cheer for them winning the entire series.

  • Tragiic
    Tragiic 1 month ago

    Kd in the hospital: “God damn it, guess im going to the Raptors”


    We The North🇨🇦

    ANIME TV 1 month ago

    Draymond Green said confidently that they would win the series in game six...

  • peter janjanin
    peter janjanin 1 month ago

    Hopefully some of that mojo will rub off on The Leafs

  • Fiona Mbeketcha
    Fiona Mbeketcha 1 month ago

    we will never forget this moment our country won

  • Liya Tang
    Liya Tang 1 month ago

    Nice one Raptors. You represent Canada very well.

  • Cleber Duarte
    Cleber Duarte 1 month ago

    Parabéns ao Toronto...Jogou demais!!!