The X Factor UK 2018 Olatunji Yearwood Auditions Full Clip S15E02 Baixar mp3 - Baixar vídeo

  • Published on Sep 3, 2018

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  • themadhatter
    themadhatter 8 months ago (edited)

    🎵 "No no no no that's the wrong tune" 🎵 😂😂😂

  • Dave A. Richards
    Dave A. Richards 8 months ago

    Man, I'm Jamaican and I can tell you, it's not just TT that would celebrate, Ola and Dalton all the way!!! 🇯🇲🇹🇹👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • pan Panther
    pan Panther 8 months ago (edited)

    When a black sing and dance. Even the most introvert person like me want to stand and dance along😊😍😘

  • Ian
    Ian 8 months ago

    I felt like I was in a concert 😀👍🏻

  • jmatt4life
    jmatt4life 8 months ago

    This guy already is a star!

  • Qobamo Q
    Qobamo Q 8 months ago

    Completely out of my Genre but I like this guy 😃

  • Summoner
    Summoner 8 months ago

    I wanna see him in movies!

  • panda koala
    panda koala 8 months ago

    No need to win the X Factor he is a superstar right now... He can be a professional singer and can handle a huge crowd in a concert ☺

  • stacian currie
    stacian currie 8 months ago (edited)

    Out a jamaica watch this a thousand time congrats I hope he wins

  • Trv8809
    Trv8809 8 months ago (edited)

    X factor needs more people like him. Finally, soca, calypso, and dancehall getting more exposure. Love him!

  • oni chan Kawaii boo
    oni chan Kawaii boo 8 months ago (edited)

    Lol he is a fun guy. I want to be around such amazing person..

  • brie chin
    brie chin 8 months ago

    Now I wanna go to Trinidad 😭❤️

  • Kat A.
    Kat A. 8 months ago

    Even the dancers were awesome!! Looking forward to seeing more of him.

  • Ntuzun Kaurintah
    Ntuzun Kaurintah 8 months ago

    He is born to be a Star,such energy and personality...Love from India

  • Mr. Aragon
    Mr. Aragon 8 months ago

    Lol can't wait to hear more from this guy, what an entertainer!

  • Annette P. Salmon
    Annette P. Salmon 8 months ago

    A singer and comedian in one. Go Ola!!!! All the best.

  • Jess T
    Jess T 8 months ago

    Totally wanna see him in the lives 😆🤗🤗super fun

    PATRICIA EDWARDS 8 months ago

    Fantastic TRINI from Trinidad and Tobago.

  • Dakota Armanis
    Dakota Armanis 8 months ago

    I love this. I could dance to tunes like this all night. What a party it would be.

  • AliCat42
    AliCat42 8 months ago

    Love this guy!! "No, no, no, no, no-o-oa, that's the wrong tune!" This guy can even make mistakes sound damn good lol I was into that, that was really good! This guy is awesome! Following his career from this point on.