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  • Published on Jan 10, 2015

  • Investigators for the California DMV check handicap placards being used by people near Runyon Canyon. They find numerous cars parked in spots reserved for the handicapped. ABC News cameras catch them in the act.
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  • Arwin Hochauser
    Arwin Hochauser 2 years ago

    You're going on a hike yet you can't walk the extra block or two for legal parking

  • Tootsla 125
    Tootsla 125 7 months ago

    Just FYI: I had a legal handicap placard when I was 38. I was recovering from a devastating ski injury to my right leg, after 5 months on crutches, in a plaster cast from my toes to my crotch, and 7 months of rehab, I could walk very slowly and carefully while wearing a leg brace. I got berated by a man as I slowly made my way across a department store parking lot. I looked pretty normal, because I wore mid-calf length skirts to hide the awful looking brace. Imagine his surprise when I hiked my skirt all the way up to my thigh to show him the brace. He was very embarrassed and apologetic. I'm just commenting here, because you don't have to be old, in a wheel chair or be visibly handicapped to need a placard.

  • Johnell Giusti
    Johnell Giusti 3 weeks ago

    That 1K dislike are from those who got caught lol

  • Randy Cable
    Randy Cable 7 months ago

    I'm disabled, and this shit drives me nuts. It happens all the time.

  • LLJ L
    LLJ L 8 months ago

    Lol...her friend took off...she's probably on the most wanted list!!!😂😂😂

  • Fabian Pacheco
    Fabian Pacheco 2 years ago

    So let me get this straight. People wanna park as close as possible to go hiking???

  • Kristi Robare
    Kristi Robare 9 months ago (edited)

    I try not to use disability parking unless I really need it. I have chronic pain due to a degenerative disease in my back. I look very young , so people tend to assume. I'm using someone else's handicap plaquard. I drive a corvette & that seems to increase the dirty looks too. Like I'm not supposed to enjoy a nice car & be handicapped too. Often I walk fine into a store. However, a short duration I start limping. I'm always on the lookout for a chair. Now I rarely leave my home. It's just too damn painful. I wouldn't be parked at a hiking trail either.

  • C G
    C G 7 months ago

    Well why didn't that cop get a ticket

  • Billy schulz
    Billy schulz 3 weeks ago

    I say, give them a $1000.00 fine and have there car or truck towed and let them walk back!

  • Ogmale 72
    Ogmale 72 2 months ago

    Dude with tats and pit bull : pure douche. Doesn’t give one red squirt about inconveniencing others. Hope his next stroll/jog is right off of a steep mountain.

  • R.J. Lupin
    R.J. Lupin 2 years ago

    Douchebags, all of them.

  • Ernest Matthews
    Ernest Matthews 7 hours ago

    I have a handicapped sticker because I just had a lung Lobectomy to remove lung cancer. I think it is illegal for a cop to ask me why I have one. Our medical records are none of their business.

  • Lawrence Genereux
    Lawrence Genereux 8 months ago

    Taking the handicapped plackard from an offender only hurts the owner of the plackard, who did nothing wrong. Take the offenders licence instead, and make them go through the process of getting it all over again. The written test, the road test, everything. They can use Uber, Lyft, a cab or the bus until they do. That would put and end to this fast.

  • Andrew John
    Andrew John 8 months ago

    $700! EXCELLENT!

  • Jason Klein
    Jason Klein 7 months ago

    I live in Wisconsin and had a cardiac surgery at age 36 due to an aortic hemorrhage and I have a placard. Some days are better than others, but when I have to use the handicapped space and people see how young I am you should see some of the looks I get... not all disabilities are visible.

  • GreenLittleRobot
    GreenLittleRobot 2 years ago

    So the cop gets a talking to and the average citizen gets a $700 fine and has to go before a judge with possible community service? What's wrong with this picture?

  • E M
    E M 5 months ago

    Pit bull, Tats and Bimbo tells the whole story.

  • victorsilva5150
    victorsilva5150 1 day ago

    El Vito goes after the Cheetos!

  • LadyDi49 Diana
    LadyDi49 Diana 6 months ago

    The handicapped person needs to be in the car and using the parking spot not just setting in the car either.

  • DeeeFoo
    DeeeFoo 7 months ago

    It's a good thing that they ran checks on all the placards to confirm that they didn't belong to the suspects before they confronted them. If they based their judgement solely on what they see, there might've been some problems, since many disabilities