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  • Published on Jan 10, 2015

  • Investigators for the California DMV check handicap placards being used by people near Runyon Canyon. They find numerous cars parked in spots reserved for the handicapped. ABC News cameras catch them in the act.
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  • Arwin Hochauser
    Arwin Hochauser 2 years ago

    You're going on a hike yet you can't walk the extra block or two for legal parking

  • Zorn Radio
    Zorn Radio 2 months ago (edited)

    I’m soooooo okay with people getting tickets for this. My sister was handicapped before she passed away and we ran into these entitled AH all the time.

  • Johnell Giusti
    Johnell Giusti 2 months ago

    That 1K dislike are from those who got caught lol

  • Ben Fridge
    Ben Fridge 2 weeks ago

    But Californians are perfect!! They never do wrong they should be their own country because they're just so awesome

  • Eric Redekop
    Eric Redekop 1 week ago

    Start seizing vehicles instead.

  • R.J. Lupin
    R.J. Lupin 3 years ago

    Douchebags, all of them.

  • o tejas o
    o tejas o 1 month ago

    dog: officer , I dont know these women , have been kidnapped , I want my lawyer .......

  • James Holland
    James Holland 2 weeks ago

    Nothing that a punch in the face wouldn't sort out.

  • Jim Rogers
    Jim Rogers 2 weeks ago

    "Yeah but it's my husband's placard and he's not here...".

  • Billy schulz
    Billy schulz 3 months ago

    I say, give them a $1000.00 fine and have there car or truck towed and let them walk back!

  • Fabian Pacheco
    Fabian Pacheco 2 years ago

    So let me get this straight. People wanna park as close as possible to go hiking???

  • E M
    E M 7 months ago

    Pit bull, Tats and Bimbo tells the whole story.

  • Steve Turowski
    Steve Turowski 1 week ago

    Seinfeld did it and they vandalized Georges dads car! 😂 I just saw that episode 3 days ago!

  • Donald Pratt
    Donald Pratt 5 days ago

    That's just like having a valet at the gym.

  • FuRRy LiVeS MaTTeR MuSiC*MoVieS*PeTs

    I'm with the dude at the beginning...I'd gladly trade my disability and park up in the north 40....and you can have the handicapped spot and my horribly painful disability .....just sayin.

  • sjtom57
    sjtom57 2 years ago

    I'm disabled due to a drunk driver many years ago, have a disabled placard, but even I won't park in a disabled spot unless absolutely necessary. I figure there's always someone who needs it more.

  • Audriano Gotyè Jr.
    Audriano Gotyè Jr. 5 months ago

    The guy with the tattoos, which by the way are completely tacky, is so blissfully ignorant and uneducated in what the law entails when using a handicap placard. Merely using the handicap placard, not issued to him, while not handicap is a crime. He doesn't have to necessarily be parked in an actual handicap spot for it to be deemed illegal. I see so many dudes like this jerk off at Runyon Canyon all the time, incredibly arrogant, self indulged, and swears that the world should bow down to him because he's so "special". I'm pretty sure the ink from those horrible tatts are somehow seeping into his brain.

  • Missy Dee
    Missy Dee 1 week ago

    So it’s ok to park there because he’s usually always in the car? 😂

  • Jason Klein
    Jason Klein 9 months ago

    I live in Wisconsin and had a cardiac surgery at age 36 due to an aortic hemorrhage and I have a placard. Some days are better than others, but when I have to use the handicapped space and people see how young I am you should see some of the looks I get... not all disabilities are visible.

  • Монте Карло

    They need to investigate New York City it’s a lot of handicap drivers around here and they fake