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  • Published on Sep 4, 2018

  • #EMINEM Just Dropped his surprise album #Kamikaze and he followed it up with a music video for the song #Fall . At face value this may seem like just another music video but there is a lot more going on than you realized! Subscribe Here - https://bit.ly/2rTuGqF
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  • So Lyrical
    So Lyrical 10 months ago

    What did you guys think of Eminems new music for fall?

  • offsage 70
    offsage 70 10 months ago

    You dont get it, the meaning is we have been pushing him and chasing him and making him become shady again even though he doesnt want to, we forced shady to come back and yeah im happy that shady is back, we can get some awesome songs and albums again, but eminem is being forced to be someone he really doenst want to be anymore

  • TheFaze
    TheFaze 10 months ago

    Ending should've been when he lands, his hat falls off and it shows his hair is blonde again when he walks away

  • Just Me
    Just Me 10 months ago

    Em is greatest of all time if u agree hit like

  • Weezing336
    Weezing336 10 months ago

    Man that's pretty rotten to ask Eminem to go back to the days he was on drugs

  • Sicario Desviado
    Sicario Desviado 10 months ago (edited)

    People seem to keep forgetting that the real Slim Shady can only come back if Marshall Mathers goes back to his old habits which isn't going to be happening. Slim Shady was a product of the drugs, alcohol, struggles and demons he was facing back then.

  • general el chapo guzman

    You wanted Shady? You got it!

  • Chris Eftychiou
    Chris Eftychiou 10 months ago

    Eminem getting rid of the modern "rappers" like Thanos with this album

  • soapie sins
    soapie sins 10 months ago

    Eminem will have depression because of his fans demanding slim shady. He doesn't want, but fans do. N thats why he struggles with fame

  • Kwars
    Kwars 10 months ago (edited)

    i new from the beginning that the shadow figure was slim shady trying to return while eminem didnt want him to return hence him trying to run away from him and trying to escape. i also thought about this after i watched the music video that slim shady is basically a symbiote and eminem is the host

  • Clint Krazer Anims
    Clint Krazer Anims 10 months ago

    MGK can't defeat Eminem, he didn't even lose his self

  • Joel Cortez
    Joel Cortez 10 months ago

    It's slim shady chasing Eminem.

  • rorykelly45
    rorykelly45 10 months ago

    U did ur homework! Em would be impressed lol 👍

  • Glum
    Glum 10 months ago

    He’s being forced to be someone he doesn’t want to be anymore

  • Chucky Davis
    Chucky Davis 10 months ago

    Drake knows not to respond cuz he won't be able to write his own diss

  • jae. 2xx
    jae. 2xx 10 months ago


  • A Cain
    A Cain 10 months ago

    Eminem career has never failed and never will😁😁

  • Robert Frazier
    Robert Frazier 10 months ago

    Is there anyone that didnt realize this was the return of shady? Though one thing i saw in these comments that didnt ocurr to me was the symbolism of him running from it, and the feeling that we the fans have forced him back into a persona that he doesnt want to be anymore....if i remember right, shady was the result of Eminems addictions and substance abuse. Wasnt that part of Slim Shady? I hope this doesnt go too far...

  • k5lta
    k5lta 10 months ago

    Damn yall work fast.

  • Dave Chappelle
    Dave Chappelle 10 months ago

    Don’t make Eminem angry