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  • Published on Mar 22, 2018

  • Audition leaves judges speechless on American Idol 2018! Brandon Elder sings a heart felt original song for his Mother leaving the judges completely speechless! Subscribe for more Idols Global ▶︎ http://bit.ly/IdolsGlobal_YT #idols #audition
  • AUDITION LEAVES JUDGES SPEECHLESS! Emotional Original Song On American Idol 2018 tags


  • Ashlee Fayth
    Ashlee Fayth 1 year ago

    i tried out to go onto american idol and he was literally standing in front of me in line. we sang together while he played guitar and i could tell from that very moment that he was such a genuine guy. i’m so proud he has made it this far.

  • Taylor Craft
    Taylor Craft 1 year ago

    Wow i really hope he becomes a country singer because in my opinion he would be great at it like if u agree

  • Mariel Mathew
    Mariel Mathew 1 year ago

    Sucks that one person has to go through so much pain in their lifetime

  • alpha wolf
    alpha wolf 1 year ago

    Oh wow I like his voice. It’s deep raspy and beautiful. So sweet

  • Sweet Stuff
    Sweet Stuff 1 year ago

    WOW, what a beautiful song. His voice was just right. So sorry for your loss Brandon. Your mom would be so proud.

  • Monica Latina
    Monica Latina 1 year ago

    I love him 😍 I rarely say that but he looks like a great person, humble, nice, sweet and handsome really down to earth man. I love that.

  • Ella Marie
    Ella Marie 1 year ago

    Brandon, look up Luke’s life story. You’ll be encouraged by his example of overcoming the loss of family. He was certainly impressed by you. God bless you and I hope you fulfill your dream of becoming a singer songwriter.

  • sue Downey
    sue Downey 1 year ago

    Good voice, looks, writing talent, genuine, personable, all they he needs to be the next AI ❤️

  • Lucy Alaska
    Lucy Alaska 1 year ago (edited)

    What a voice!! So unique and soothing...And his story..he's so strong.

  • Tia Maria
    Tia Maria 1 year ago

    She’s always with you, just like mines is always with me ♥️

  • Cademan Caden
    Cademan Caden 1 year ago

    Yes. This is called American Idol. Its supposed to be about talent AND someone who inspires. So YES.

  • Sujayeendra H Pai
    Sujayeendra H Pai 1 year ago

    Jesus in the house

  • Just Willy 101
    Just Willy 101 1 year ago

    I am writing this day down because that will be a hit one ☝🏽 day 3-22-2018 I promise

  • Color Creature
    Color Creature 1 year ago

    Dude..........shattered like a mirror man ..........

  • Ali Colak
    Ali Colak 1 year ago

    He's good. He can work on power if he wants to. But he has a country style with emotion. btw! Who's listened to IN MY BLOOD by Shawn Mendes??? Such a good song haha

  • Maureen Wagg
    Maureen Wagg 4 months ago

    I can't get over the struggles some of these singers have gone through. Hellish and yet here they are. Stronger and more beautiful than ever. Incredible stories.

  • Donna Benson
    Donna Benson 1 year ago

    He has something special

  • Anna West
    Anna West 1 year ago

    Being a cancer survivor and of breast cancer I really like this young man what a sweetheart to write that song about his mama he's got my vote a big y e s

    ARMY BLINK 1 year ago

    I dont know why but i just really wanted him to clear his throattt!!!!!!

  • Saleh Al-Awlaqi
    Saleh Al-Awlaqi 1 year ago

    Finally Luke Bryan's face in the thumbnail not Katy's