I Bought An Abandoned Storage Locker! ... Look What I Found! Baixar mp3 - Baixar vídeo

  • Published on Sep 27, 2018

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  • smw381st
    smw381st 10 months ago

    first thing I would never have done is put that nasty mattress and box spring in my van

  • Frances Blair
    Frances Blair 2 days ago

    let me know what you're asking for the pkg that says, Montana.

  • tita alpay
    tita alpay 1 day ago

    you got more than whan what you paid for that abandon locker

  • Wendy Thompson
    Wendy Thompson 2 days ago

    Mail the az cardinals stuff to bill Bidwell he stole the cardinals from St. Louis

  • Jane
    Jane 1 day ago

    Those oars (paddles) go with the rubber boat.

  • RickGrimeZz
    RickGrimeZz 10 months ago (edited)

    Everytime I see someone buy a locked up storage.. I cant help but be sad for those people who lost all those memories... Who knows what happened in these peoples lives.. to just abandon so much stuff that is linked to their lives.. trophies... and pictures.. and more.. its just sad! I wonder if anyone actually locates these people and tries to give the personal stuff back... like a good Samaritan Act! I would post a video of that... and show that HOPE & HUMANITY isnt failing!

  • Greenie Bush
    Greenie Bush 1 day ago

    I'd love it it's like storage war on tv.

  • Robert Caraher
    Robert Caraher 3 days ago

    The guy is conscientious most people would have just dropped the bed rails ,even with others around.

  • Lil Joedy
    Lil Joedy 1 month ago

    Yes pioneer is a very good speakers you could probably get like $50 to 100 bucks for those speakers

  • Stephen Shoemate
    Stephen Shoemate 1 month ago

    Lots of wasted work here. If you pick it up, put it in the van. Load all the junk, and dispose of. Then load keepers to take to garage or wherever. He's going to handle stuff 2 or 3 times, waste time.

  • truth betold
    truth betold 10 months ago

    Hey next time you get mattress You should consider cutting them open You never know if anyone stuff something in there

  • Frances Blair
    Frances Blair 2 days ago

    I want to buy the sombrero. please, please.

  • Troy Lyons
    Troy Lyons 1 month ago

    Dude them fishing lures are worth a lot of money especially the ones that said homemade

  • Jaycen Irwin
    Jaycen Irwin 2 months ago

    Those are some pretty standard $10-15 fishing poles from Walmart or target

  • Rick Pezzulo
    Rick Pezzulo 1 day ago

    just wasted 22 mins of my life

    FUDDLEYP JONES 10 months ago

    Fishing Tackle Box not worth 10 bucks? Are you kidding me? Just what was in the top tray alone was worth 10 bucks!

  • Ethereal Butterfly
    Ethereal Butterfly 7 months ago

    $5 for all that fishing stuff!? Dude obviously doesn’t fish. 😭😭😭

  • Shadowcatplays
    Shadowcatplays 3 months ago (edited)

    O that’s where my uno reverse cards went

  • bsizzle Hill
    bsizzle Hill 3 months ago

    The bed frame is 25 bucks on craigslist all day long. Just make them come to you and it's all profit.

  • Dandahermit Seals
    Dandahermit Seals 2 weeks ago

    Ya know this stuff was allready packed up good. And now he'll have to pack it all again. Shoulda just loaded n roled to the hous. Gimme that knife. He has no idea the value he has there. For $10.00!!