The X Factor UK 2018 Sing-off For The Last Girls Chair Six Chair Challenge Full Clip S15E10 Baixar mp3 - Baixar vídeo

  • Published on Sep 30, 2018

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  • prescilla olangcay
    prescilla olangcay 7 months ago

    Maria actually looks hot and can be a pop star

  • bensquirtle
    bensquirtle 7 months ago

    Maria killed it! Better than her audition!!! And the host loved her!

  • zden4e
    zden4e 7 months ago

    They didn’t even sing just screamed one line from the song

  • Ana Melchior
    Ana Melchior 7 months ago (edited)

    Maria is my favorite I’m rooting for her!!

  • Public Care
    Public Care 7 months ago


  • Lolita De Guzman
    Lolita De Guzman 7 months ago

    And 3 judges stood up for Maria too.!

  • Lonely Wolf 1980
    Lonely Wolf 1980 7 months ago

    Maria was technically stronger in technique for this battle, but this category as a whole is not as strong this year. I think the overs and the boys have it strong this year. Girls and Groups.....not as strong for me, this year.

  • Mojacko File
    Mojacko File 7 months ago

    Remember Simon gives her a INFINITY Yes so that We hope that infinity yes would last in the Finals of X factor UK. Pray for her wins because she deserve it.

  • Lorenz Cobretti
    Lorenz Cobretti 7 months ago

    i hope maria would give us more of the voice quality than belting because it almost sounds like shouting. by giving texture and colour, which i believe she has, she would go further in the competition. she's really attractive though. 😊❤️

  • Koby Cardines
    Koby Cardines 7 months ago

    Filipina nailed it again

  • pseudoplastic84
    pseudoplastic84 7 months ago

    It was obvious Georgia was trying too hard, out of tune, but she wants it too much... I don't like her

  • Kavy ase
    Kavy ase 7 months ago

    Maria won the whole show her voice can't be compared to any of those jokers up there plus she is fine as hell.

  • Boom Boom Pow
    Boom Boom Pow 7 months ago (edited)

    I swear ever since Simon became a father he's become soft!! I miss the old Simon! Told people how it really was!! BOTH were over singing the songs!!!

  • Roberto III Gianzon
    Roberto III Gianzon 7 months ago

    Maria may just make it far. It's not only the singing prowess but the looks as well. She's a natural honey brown tan Disney princess color with ample height and lean figure acceptably right. She can be developed into a total package as she's young enough at 17 years of age and a fantastic learning stage for an upcoming talent. It's an investment not only a contest and Maria has that exotic look just right for the West to appreciate and for Asia to support and gobble up. Hope she shines through till the finals and make it big.

  • Roberto Jacques
    Roberto Jacques 7 months ago

    Anthony thank you so much for post those videos please heart my comments

  • Whaleisha
    Whaleisha 7 months ago

    I can see Georgia's attitude being a problem.

  • Yeka Flaka
    Yeka Flaka 7 months ago

    2 is the only good singer he has up there. 1 is awful.

  • tsokoolet
    tsokoolet 7 months ago (edited)

    Maria's sooo pretty. Haha. Thanks Anthony as always :)

  • Jhay Jhay
    Jhay Jhay 7 months ago

    Look how confident Maria at the Age of 17... No fear during the Sing offs! While the other girl is Singing, amazing Stage Presence! 👏👏

  • Rochie DLS
    Rochie DLS 7 months ago

    Smash 'em Maria!!!