• Published on Dec 23, 2018

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  • BW Acuff
    BW Acuff 1 month ago

    I will be forever haunted by the desperate look of sad betrayal in the eyes of Mr. Fox as he was heartlessly drowned in a bucket of cement to a soundtrack of cheap happy-go-lucky stock music.

  • pegasusgalaxy68
    pegasusgalaxy68 2 days ago

    25 cement ideas you never want to see again....omg...what crap ideaa

  • Joy Kathleen
    Joy Kathleen 2 months ago

    Stop. Putting. Plants. In. Containers. Without. Drainage. Holes.

  • Paul Bremer
    Paul Bremer 2 months ago

    What will it turn out to be this time?

  • It's Just Me
    It's Just Me 2 months ago

    Who else was more focused on the fact that there are crab flavored chips

  • Sean Dolan
    Sean Dolan 1 month ago

    Sharon, I think we need to talk about all the cement gifts you have been making. It's just.. no one needs 200 cement candle holders Sharon. The neighbours said they weren't inviting us back for Christmas lunch this year if you are just going to make them more candle holders. 2 years ago one of the ones you made inside a bag tipped over and left their son Timmy in the hospital for 3 days. It has to stop Sharon. If it doesn't, I am leaving with the kids. Wait, Sharon.. Where are the kids?!? Dammit Sharon! You made them into cement statues for the lawn! You need help Sharon.

  • Wojciech Blehm
    Wojciech Blehm 1 month ago

    how to destroy large fruit bowl and small fruit bowl to make one medium but heavy....fruit bowl

  • Kay Watson
    Kay Watson 11 hours ago

    Seriously? At least make a sink bowl, a chair, lamp, bath pavers or something useful.

  • celestya
    celestya 1 month ago

    My nephew asked me to comment that he was very upset that you 'killed' the stuffed fox. ;)

  • Mick Jager
    Mick Jager 2 months ago

    25 CEMENT PROJECTS YOU'VE NEVER SEEN BEFORE....and hopefully never will again! ha ha ha

  • Bradwick1
    Bradwick1 2 months ago

    Hide the cement from this person before they ruin anything else.

  • Big Texas
    Big Texas 1 month ago

    We need something a little more concrete.

  • Ashe Felicisky
    Ashe Felicisky 2 months ago

    Around 5 minutes:

  • OldAgitator
    OldAgitator 2 months ago

    Great examples of ""Just because you can, doesn't mean you should""

  • Artha Agminalis
    Artha Agminalis 2 months ago

    I wanted to cry inside seeing that beautiful fox plush wasted like that!

  • donteatthekalanchoe
    donteatthekalanchoe 2 months ago

    I wanted to cry when that cute fox plushie was put into the cement.

  • Imboch Neras
    Imboch Neras 1 month ago

    More like "how to distract/what to do with yourself for weeks after accidentally buying a truckload of cement on Alibaba"

  • Sanhati Pal
    Sanhati Pal 1 hour ago


  • Snack
    Snack 2 months ago

    You show up at a friends house and everything in the entire place is grey and matt coloured. You sit down on the couch and it’s solid concrete. He has a bouquet of grey concrete flowers sitting on his grey concrete table which sits atop his grey concrete wooden floors. The food he sets at the table looks appetising but when you try and eat it you realise it is all just concrete moulds of food. The green leafy salad monotone and disturbing. You go to the bathroom and pull the concrete light cord and sit on his concrete toilet. You flush the concrete handle and then you see it, it isn’t water in the toilet. It’s liquid concrete. You open the unbelievably heavy door (most likely made of concrete), and run down the concrete floors towards the concrete front door and there he stands. Your best friend, or what is left of him. More concrete than man now. His skin a dull grey colour. His eyes leak with Matt grey liquid and you know for certain, The person you once knew is gone. What remains is a concrete abomination of a person. You turn to run out the door and once it opens a sea of wet concrete fills the entire room. You are entirely submerged in concrete and feel it begin to intrude into your lungs. Not long now.

  • Lee Maples
    Lee Maples 2 months ago

    i wanna make an imprint of my butt for a chair.