• Published on Dec 23, 2018

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  • BW Acuff
    BW Acuff 4 months ago

    I will be forever haunted by the desperate look of sad betrayal in the eyes of Mr. Fox as he was heartlessly drowned in a bucket of cement to a soundtrack of cheap happy-go-lucky stock music.

  • Sean Dolan
    Sean Dolan 4 months ago

    Sharon, I think we need to talk about all the cement gifts you have been making. It's just.. no one needs 200 cement candle holders Sharon. The neighbours said they weren't inviting us back for Christmas lunch this year if you are just going to make them more candle holders. 2 years ago one of the ones you made inside a bag tipped over and left their son Timmy in the hospital for 3 days. It has to stop Sharon. If it doesn't, I am leaving with the kids. Wait, Sharon.. Where are the kids?!? Dammit Sharon! You made them into cement statues for the lawn! You need help Sharon.

  • Imboch Neras
    Imboch Neras 4 months ago

    More like "how to distract/what to do with yourself for weeks after accidentally buying a truckload of cement on Alibaba"

  • Paul Bremer
    Paul Bremer 4 months ago

    What will it turn out to be this time?

  • It's Just Me
    It's Just Me 5 months ago

    Who else was more focused on the fact that there are crab flavored chips

  • Wojciech Blehm
    Wojciech Blehm 4 months ago

    how to destroy large fruit bowl and small fruit bowl to make one medium but heavy....fruit bowl

  • Joy Kathleen
    Joy Kathleen 4 months ago

    Stop. Putting. Plants. In. Containers. Without. Drainage. Holes.

  • OneTrueWord1988
    OneTrueWord1988 4 months ago

    There's a very good reason why we've never seen these ideas before.

  • Lambent Ichor
    Lambent Ichor 2 months ago

    "Oh my god, darling! That concrete replica of your husband down the end of the garden is so lifelike. Where is Jeff, by the way? We haven't seen him in months."

  • Big Texas
    Big Texas 4 months ago

    We need something a little more concrete.

  • Sanhati Pal
    Sanhati Pal 2 months ago


  • Benjamin Johnson
    Benjamin Johnson 3 months ago

    I know what I'm doing with my old underwear now... Fruit bowl!!!

  • Jacquelyn Vizcarra
    Jacquelyn Vizcarra 3 months ago

    It was worth watching this video for the comments! You guys are hysterical. Thanks!

  • OldAgitator
    OldAgitator 5 months ago

    Great examples of ""Just because you can, doesn't mean you should""

  • J Elliott
    J Elliott 4 months ago

    Mr. Fox's last glimpse at the world will forever haunt my soul

  • DroolBunny XO
    DroolBunny XO 3 months ago

    Where I come from cement boots have a completely different use.🔫😑

  • celestya
    celestya 4 months ago

    My nephew asked me to comment that he was very upset that you 'killed' the stuffed fox. ;)

  • Blk Lrd
    Blk Lrd 3 months ago

    Hey babe have you seen my boots, gloves, soda, towel, and Susie wants her fox

  • Beckslee 81
    Beckslee 81 4 months ago

    The Virgo in me is highly disturbed by the lack of finishing in the projects. Way too many rough, uneven edges everywhere.

  • Gareth Kavanagh
    Gareth Kavanagh 4 months ago

    I don't know what is worse. The fact I watched this or that I'm thinking about all the useful things that the cement could have been used for