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  • Published on Sep 30, 2018

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  • Smruti Saswati
    Smruti Saswati 11 months ago

    Why Lou swapped this lad. He has a grt voice.

  • arsenalmanic
    arsenalmanic 11 months ago (edited)

    He's one of the very few good ones this year !

  • JK
    JK 11 months ago

    One of my favourite! Hope he goes into voting stage! His awesome and what is lacking in many great singers is artistry. He has artistry.

  • Cindy Love
    Cindy Love 11 months ago

    He's super interesting....WOW. Awesome to find unique gems.

  • Alicia Campbell
    Alicia Campbell 11 months ago

    "take a seat"

  • choco wywy
    choco wywy 7 months ago

    He sounds like Anthony Russel but with a deeper and calmer voice

  • craft and cook
    craft and cook 11 months ago

    Oh God Aydas lips freak me out 😱

  • Hazel Walsh
    Hazel Walsh 11 months ago

    Nathan is my Favourite!!! I want him to Win!!!!

  • Lorenz Cobretti
    Lorenz Cobretti 11 months ago

    sounds like anthony's voice.

  • Samira Barak
    Samira Barak 11 months ago

    Nathan you’ve been my idol for so long!❤️ I’m so proud of youuuu

  • Sydney Dianne
    Sydney Dianne 11 months ago

    So far this guy I like..hope he stays!

  • Mercy love
    Mercy love 11 months ago

    Good job Anthony weldon

  • David Olivares
    David Olivares 11 months ago

    Gracias Anthony Ying eres el mejor!!

  • Renz Centino
    Renz Centino 11 months ago

    Sadly got seated out by jsol

  • MusicIsMyDestiny 1993
    MusicIsMyDestiny 1993 11 months ago

    I didn't recognized him before but wow he has an amazing voice.

  • Kashiblood
    Kashiblood 11 months ago


  • lukas andrew
    lukas andrew 11 months ago

    Nathan is so good. He got good vocal.

  • Rodolfo Fernandez
    Rodolfo Fernandez 11 months ago

    I think this cacion is always a ticket to win .. but in this case the voice is beautiful

  • Bi Tea
    Bi Tea 11 months ago

    why louis kicked him off :(

  • Bruno Rodrigues
    Bruno Rodrigues 11 months ago

    i loved this guy