The X Factor UK 2018 Claire Angel Auditions Full Clip S15E07 Baixar mp3 - Baixar vídeo

  • 1 year ago

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  • Brittany Segraves
    Brittany Segraves 2018-12-22T09:47:16.000Z

    I love how supportive her mom is especially when u saw her mom in tears u saw how supportive she is it amazing

  • M L
    M L 2018-11-16T07:29:13.000Z

    I love how welcoming and encouraging Dermot is to everyone. And he's so damn cute too.

  • Nadine Fathi
    Nadine Fathi 2018-10-19T15:53:25.000Z

    She's so beautiful without all the hiding

  • Nadine Fathi
    Nadine Fathi 2018-10-19T15:52:20.000Z

    I love her hair colour a lot I want it xD

  • Denise Jesus
    Denise Jesus 2018-10-19T12:03:32.000Z

    I'm so tempted to take off her lash! And she's sounds amazing!

  • Yahrize 1Love
    Yahrize 1Love 2018-10-17T07:17:30.000Z

    Being on stage sweating and crying under hot lights is a lot of moisture....quit judging her lashes

  • raymond johnson
    raymond johnson 2018-10-07T04:07:07.000Z

    I have heard alot of covers to this song and this was my least favorite....I dont know what they heard...but not good.. Sorry

  • Eileen B
    Eileen B 2018-10-05T01:27:27.000Z

    Speaking from across the pond, I was amazed at how much weight Panda has dropped! I was as stunned as Simon, who didn't recognize her, but remembered her name. The first audition was better in song choice, imho. She's very soulful. You go, gurl!

  • Giovanna Molinero
    Giovanna Molinero 2018-10-04T03:55:34.000Z

    Hola! Cual es el nombre de la canción que interpretó Claire?

  • Jennie Coco
    Jennie Coco 2018-10-02T22:24:16.000Z

    Enough of this fake lashes.

  • Joel J
    Joel J 2018-10-01T03:02:46.000Z

    She sings my favorite. Her voice has great tone.

  • Cristal Brown
    Cristal Brown 2018-09-29T05:10:39.000Z

    Great but that darn eyelash

  • Chris Bergland
    Chris Bergland 2018-09-28T13:26:47.000Z

    I hope that they offered her sick mama a chair!

  • hR
    hR 2018-09-28T10:11:37.000Z

    WHY DID YOU CRY !!!???? GRANDMA TOO !!! I HATE YOUUUUUUU BOTH 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 😭 !!!!

  • Robin Hood
    Robin Hood 2018-09-28T06:36:44.000Z

    I love the artistic purpley style!!

  • Genuine Gwen
    Genuine Gwen 2018-09-27T15:27:25.000Z

    Go Claire

  • s.a
    s.a 2018-09-27T05:16:09.000Z

    if a black person doesn’t win this season i’m going offff. they’re all so good

  • John Jason Rosete
    John Jason Rosete 2018-09-27T03:17:22.000Z

    So nice voice

  • La' Chorna Daley
    La' Chorna Daley 2018-09-26T23:15:44.000Z

    Claire please don't hide behind that hat. You are so beautiful and so is your voice.

  • desere zamora
    desere zamora 2018-09-26T15:15:55.000Z

    lover her voice!! a dark horse!!