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  • Published on Mar 23, 2011

  • Music video by Nas & Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley performing Patience. (C) 2010 Universal Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
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  • Ali Naaaji
    Ali Naaaji 2 months ago

    who is steel listening in 2019. like here if you are listening. me give thanks 👍

    KNNTH 2 months ago

    5 billion times better than Despacito

  • 111jamelao
    111jamelao 2 months ago

    Put a flag on the moon but cant put food on ur brother’s plate....... somethings wrong

  • Dionne Mighty
    Dionne Mighty 2 months ago

    Ppl still don't understand the knowledge dropped in this song. 2019

  • Play Boi
    Play Boi 2 months ago


  • bathily boubacar
    bathily boubacar 1 month ago

    I’m surprised of the comments that no one in here ask or wonder who were that woman’s that’s singing on back ground.

    AWATH BASHAR 2 days ago

    A spiritual DNA(Israel) that runs in my soul. And I will forever own. Lord

  • 1Love_66
    1Love_66 2 months ago

    R.i.p Bob Marley. Who wouldn't have this music without you 🙏

  • Mike Stoltz
    Mike Stoltz 2 years ago

    "Some of the smartest dummies; can't read the language of Egyptian mummies,

  • ibo المشاكس
    ibo المشاكس 2 months ago

    العربي لي مر من هون الله يسعدك

  • Manuel Flores
    Manuel Flores 1 month ago

    Todays music is nowhere close to this.... This is real music.

  • ShiningStar069
    ShiningStar069 2 months ago

    [Intro: Nas]

  • Bob John
    Bob John 5 days ago

    HOW can't this win a grammy?

  • Nala Timon
    Nala Timon 2 years ago

    I feel as if everyone should listen to this song and think really hard about it. It says so much.

  • Remigius Izuchukwu
    Remigius Izuchukwu 3 days ago

    This songs has on replay here .

  • TieDyedPanda
    TieDyedPanda 2 months ago

    This is the most wonderful song ever created. Not only is the beat smooth, but the message is so meaningful. I wont explain it, listen and understand on your own. 💖

  • Red Eyes Big Smile
    Red Eyes Big Smile 1 month ago

    I'm mad at myself for not hearing this until 2019

  • El hijo de Caín
    El hijo de Caín 2 months ago


  • remeece
    remeece 2 years ago

    7 thousands dislikes.just goes to show you how many puppets still lives among us.

  • Tatá Rodrigues
    Tatá Rodrigues 3 days ago

    Best video i ever saw in my life