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  • Published on Feb 17, 2017

  • From getting all wrapped up, to regretting you ever got a driver's license, these are 22 BEST Bad Parking Revenges Subscribe to Talltanic http://goo.gl/wgfvrr 15 - Reserved… For people just like this – who obviously need the extra help, because it’s rather challenging to get into those parking spaces specifically designed for a motor car. There are a number of these beautifully executed revenge park photos circulating the net, makes me want to leave chalk in my car from now onwards. 14 - All wrapped up… Have you ever had a piece of luggage shrink wrapped like this when travelling? It’s surprisingly tricky to cut open, so you can just imagine the hard time this driver had to free his vehicle from all this plastic! 13 - Say it with peanut butter… Less Expensive than getting it towed for sure, but probably will take just as much time to get rid of all the peanut butter, than it would to go and collect your car from the towing company! This person will definitely be more careful next time! 12 - Rules are there for a reason… If you’ve ever been tempted to park close to a fire hydrant, let this put you off for the rest of your life. No problem to the firefighters, they just shattered the windows to get the water pipe to go where it needed to go. 11 - One Man’s Trash… Is another man’s trash now. Parking in front of council bins is really not a very bright idea. This guy is lucky his only punishment was a little rubbish dumped on his car, and not the contents of all of three of those bins combined. 10 - It’s a wrap… You have to believe that whomever did this had finally just had enough. I can’t imagine someone would go to such an extreme from just being parked in once, but totally plausible if it’s happened again and again. This person was waiting with many rolls of tin foil to execute this so perfectly. 9 - Not so subtle… This note is not nearly as subtle as some of our previous notes shown and quite a slap in the face. It would appear that parking errors are almost unforgivable… Apparently around 20% of parking accidents occur in parking lots, makes you wonder how many are caused by people parking badly. 8 - Got you surrounded… I’m not sure what this poor driver’s transgression was, but whatever it was – must have been severe to cause this awful situation. I truly would love to know how this was even made possible! How did they manage to link every trolley to form this circle, and how is this chap going to get out? 7 - Don’t try this at home… This person has not just taken up 2 parking bays, which is bad enough, but they’ve been totally cheeky and hogged 4 parking spaces! I’m sure there are other words which also aptly describe this inconsiderate driver. 6 - Going nowhere slowly… That’s what happens when you decide to purposefully break the rules, you get stuck just like this guy. He thought it would be a great idea to park in a spot very clearly demarcated for motorbikes. It’s a shame it will be quite easy to move the bike, or worse – knock it over. 5 - Passive aggressive… Spiderman to the rescue of all fellow motorists, and ensuring that everyone abides by the universal laws of the roads. Like using one parking spot instead of two and by using only one spot – being a huge help to all of humanity! Thanks Spiderman. 4 - It’s a celebration… But not the kind you were hoping for. Looks like these guys celebrated the disastrous effort this driver had at trying to park his car into one space. They obviously felt the driver needed all the encouragement he could get after failing miserably. 3 - It’s a space issue… Have you ever parked in an empty lot, only to come out again to find someone has parked right next to you – and you can’t understand why when there are a hundred other spaces? I feel sort of sorry for this driver, who obviously didn’t think it would be a problem – but I guess it offended several other motorists. 2 - Hope you’re not in a hurry… Because you’ll not be going anywhere soon! By the looks of things, when people do their drivers exam, they should have a completely separate course on driver etiquette, which needs to be passed before the actual driving can begin. 1 - Bad driver on board… Instead of a baby on board sticker on this car, this driver needs a bad driver on board sign. Clearly a bit fed up, this motorist got a lesson he won’t forget in a hurry! Have you ever dispensed some bad parking revenge? If so, tell us about it in the comments below. Subscribe to our channel for more fun videos just like this, thanks for watching.
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  • mugsir
    mugsir 2 years ago (edited)

    Good video but that voice over was terribly annoying. Speak naturally, not all this up and down shit.

  • Scott
    Scott 2 years ago

    The accent killed the video.

  • Fucking Fucker
    Fucking Fucker 1 year ago

    mute and enjoy

  • SaneeJ _
    SaneeJ _ 2 years ago

    im carrying peanut butter with me from now on

  • Angel Ramirez
    Angel Ramirez 2 years ago


  • Donald Landon
    Donald Landon 1 year ago

    People don't realize that sometimes people park badly because the person next to them did and they don't have a choice.  Then, the first person leaves and it can make the 2nd car look bad.  They get punished for what the other car did.

  • Jcozborne
    Jcozborne 4 months ago

    Voice literally had me move on before the 2 minute mark. Literally more annoying than any of the park jobs in this video...

  • Dr Verity Strange-Fish

    I give them the benefit of the doubt and remove their tyre valves with a tool I carry in my car. That way they can park there all day.

  • Nic B
    Nic B 2 years ago

    Destroying someones car for parking badly is just as low hearted as doing it in the first place. Not defending anyone, just saying...

  • Dwang Critter
    Dwang Critter 1 week ago

    Parking this voice on Youtube should be a crime.

  • Neil James
    Neil James 1 month ago

    On a video platform, heaven forfend you show the VIDEO.

  • Vincent Azmi
    Vincent Azmi 1 year ago

    YOU'RE VOICE IS SO ANNOYING WTAF, also "this guy filmed his reaction" so can we see the reaction? thats the point of the video... revenge

  • Stoic Observer
    Stoic Observer 2 years ago

    My stupid neighbors decided to have a party the first day they moved into the neighborhood. Blocked every spot on the street. So my other stupid neighbor decided to park blocking my driveway. I have a nice pile of branches I had just cut from my tree and surrounded her entire vehicle right up to the bumper. Have a nice time moving them.

  • lucidbarrier
    lucidbarrier 2 years ago (edited)

    Violates Man Law: do not mess with people's cars. Seriously, I saw this woman with the most dinged up, scratched, dented, paint missing POS SUV park a couple inches away from someone else's ride and bang the hell out of their door with her car door. She didn't give a damn. She had so many different colors of paint on her door from being hit and hitting other's cars. No matter where I park, there is always some jerk off in a truck that parks 2 inches from my door.

  • Pittsburgh Plays
    Pittsburgh Plays 6 months ago


  • Truth Stalker
    Truth Stalker 2 years ago

    These are all SO COOL 😎!! The only thing I can't quite 'wrap my head around' (besides the 'Ring of Carts') is: What Concrete Company willingly poured Concrete into a Vehicle 🚗 upon request of a random individual? I've driven Concrete Mixer Trucks for two different Companies before and I know for a fact that, without proof that the Car 🚗 BELONGED TO the guy whose request is was, we couldn't do it. Now, me personally.. Had the guy told me that his Wife/Girlfriend cheated on him and showed me that the Car 🚗 is indeed his and told me that it's the one she drives and has picked up the 'other guy' in, I'd say "HELL YES, BRO!! LET'S DO THIS!!". But I'd also let him know that are smarter ways to handle this sort of thing that WON'T ruin something he's spent his hard-earned cash 💰 on.

  • Mellow
    Mellow 2 years ago

    What if someone else double parks and you park right next to them and they leave? It now looks like you doubled park.

  • Duncan Cunningham
    Duncan Cunningham 2 years ago

    The ones not centered can be because when they turned up and some one else was there already so they parked next to it.. then the original offender has gone and leaves you looking like 'the jerk'

  • MeTaz
    MeTaz 1 year ago

    Skunk Scent [at local Walmart or DICKS sports] it is a tool hunters use to prevent prey from smelling them. How to do apply: Pour the bottle of malodorous juice into the car HVAC hood vent. Usually this vent is right at window on the drivers side. Action; 10 seconds. Driver comes back from being a parking asshat, turns on heat or AC and instant interior chaos!

  • Kerri Lamothe
    Kerri Lamothe 1 year ago

    to all the people defending taking up multiple spots so no one hits your car, 2 things: 1) maybe don't drive your super expensive car to the grocery store? 2) my boyfriend is like OCD about his car and he just simply parks in the middle of the space without having issues. I'm not saying you should vandalize someone's car cuz they parked like an ass, but the chalk or notes work very well. can't tell you how many times I want to leave a note saying laziness is not a handicap.