Brendan Murray: Simon STOPS Him But What He Does After... WOW! | The X Factor UK 2018 Baixar mp3 - Baixar vídeo

  • 1 year ago

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  • Brendan Murray: Simon STOPS Him But What He Does After... WOW! | The X Factor UK 2018 tags


  • Joe Music
    Joe Music 2019-11-18T15:58:31.000Z

    What a joke. He had simons moment

  • roduardo fernando
    roduardo fernando 2019-11-18T14:55:30.000Z

    Like a kellin queen 🤘

  • Luke Hunter
    Luke Hunter 2019-11-18T02:59:16.000Z

    Total fake,staged and pre rehearsed.

  • Rosalyn W. Otieno
    Rosalyn W. Otieno 2019-11-17T23:00:22.000Z

    Simon Cowell is a mad genius.❤️❤️❤️

  • Gloria Gehring
    Gloria Gehring 2019-11-17T22:27:10.000Z

    I remember this Young Man....

  • bowesshaunas
    bowesshaunas 2019-11-17T17:40:46.000Z


  • JT
    JT 2019-11-17T13:45:31.000Z

    I honestly thought this guy should of won the show his voice is unique

  • Andrew Murray
    Andrew Murray 2019-11-17T10:34:19.000Z

    Kids good a good voice, but I thought he did better with original song. Also, I think the fact that he's a good looking kid played no small part in his success here. This show is about churning out pop stars and making money, after all. He's marketable.

  • internet !
    internet ! 2019-11-17T10:32:46.000Z

    You know this show s scripted right

  • tessamersus
    tessamersus 2019-11-17T08:36:51.000Z

    This is my second favorite song on the planet. LOVE IT! He did it up right.

  • Qee Lanna
    Qee Lanna 2019-11-17T07:34:29.000Z

    I don't know why Simon have a "goal front sanctuary" for anyone? AMAZING SIMON

  • jayson aclado
    jayson aclado 2019-11-17T06:53:20.000Z

    he sings like a girl yeah

  • jayson aclado
    jayson aclado 2019-11-17T06:53:06.000Z

    he sings like a girl yeah

  • Brianna Luallen
    Brianna Luallen 2019-11-17T02:45:53.000Z

    He sounds like kellin quin

  • Fathi Neji
    Fathi Neji 2019-11-16T22:50:22.000Z

    Fathi neji

  • jeff Soldier
    jeff Soldier 2019-11-16T18:18:18.000Z

    The ending was amazing this kid is a preformer

  • Heretic Life
    Heretic Life 2019-11-16T14:28:06.000Z

    Why is he singing women’s songs that women could sing better?

  • Caroline G. Chabeg
    Caroline G. Chabeg 2019-11-16T14:27:12.000Z

    The smile on Simon's face like "I knew it, I knew it. It was worth giving this kid a tip and advice"

  • MA Plays MLBB
    MA Plays MLBB 2019-11-16T13:51:15.000Z

    honestly he looks like Justin Trudeau!

  • Trish Loughman
    Trish Loughman 2019-11-16T12:36:07.000Z

    The generated subtitles are hilarious.