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  • 10 years ago

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    Alguien en diciembrebr />br />Pica mi foto

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    Erii jimenez 2019-12-15T07:43:19.000Z

    Esperemos que la mujer ya se aprenda a valorar. Solo una vez sufrí violencia. Y yo lo quería. Ahora estoy mejor sola.

  • HONORIO Filho
    HONORIO Filho 2019-12-15T00:34:52.000Z

    Amo mutcho este son tienes una versiones brazilenia que me gusta mutcho saludo desde já Brazil ❤❤

  • Sony Andia
    Sony Andia 2019-12-14T11:28:01.000Z

    Que bueno tener hermanos mayores que te cuiden incluso de tu marido...

  • Jean-Noel Donger
    Jean-Noel Donger 2019-12-14T10:08:33.000Z

    No quiero la violencia y quiero esta musica... Hello from France, Toulouse

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    this is the English comment you want looking for

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    Alexis 2019-12-13T15:17:55.000Z

    Time flies, it seems only yesterday we were kidsbr />Mum and dad fought for our futurebr />You looked after me, today I’m watching over youbr />Little sister I adore you and I know you’re not happybr /> br />Another punch in the face, it’s like that every weekbr />An excuse, as always, but what do you win in the end?br />That he’s making fun of you, but what can I do?br />As much as I want to help you, you just except it this waybr /> br />You’re my blood and my goal is saving youbr />I pray for youbr /> br />Little sister he doesn’t want youbr />He has like 50 women and you know itbr />He abuses you and afterwards you defend himbr />It doesn’t look like he’s good for youbr />Why can’t you seebr /> br />Chorus,br />You cry, every time he hits youbr />You cry, it makes me furious and sadbr />You cry, how I feel your fearbr />You cry, you could die in his handsbr />You cry, this man makes you sufferbr />You cry, he gave you that bruisebr />You cry, when he spat in your facebr />You cry, and with a big mouthbr />You cry, he feels superiorbr />This mans a beast, a cowardbr />And without dignity for striking a womanbr /> br />He isn’t worth your love for himbr />Think straight it’s not your faultbr />And you know itbr /> br />Ladies keep your head up … come onbr />Holla backbr /> br />Mi nephews shouldn’t have to see their mummy fleebr />There’s a monster in your house and you sleep with himbr />Go and count the hours he made you happybr />Then count the years he made you sufferbr /> br />I can’t stand seeing my sister cryingbr />This man’s a ratbr />There’s no man who can force youbr />To be with him, you can leave, why don’t you seebr />What I’m seeing is not respect, it’s fear,br />you’re feeling for this dog, why can’t you seebr /> br />chorus:br />You cry, when he gets homebr />You cry, like a drunk dogbr />You cry, and he strikes you for no reasonbr />You cry, and the kids can only watchbr />You cry, and yell daddy nobr />You cry, don’t hit her againbr />You cry, this guy humiliates youbr />You cry, and lies to youbr />You cry, he has no heartbr />This better changebr />Let him come and hit mebr />I’ll put him in his place

  • Francheska Saldivia
    Francheska Saldivia 2019-12-13T04:41:15.000Z

    Oyela Fernando Saldivia ♥ eres mio o te Amo mucho

  • Gisella Rojas
    Gisella Rojas 2019-12-13T02:53:21.000Z

    Alguien más vino por el post que realizó Romeo ?

  • Joss Rivera
    Joss Rivera 2019-12-13T01:04:11.000Z

    Soy la unika que escucha estas cansiones aun 😍 ♡

  • joanna del carmen garcia barahona
    joanna del carmen garcia barahona 2019-12-13T00:44:15.000Z

    Esa es la realidad de una perra vida...... .

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    Williams Mercedes 2019-12-12T23:30:11.000Z

    Like si la escucha en el 2020

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    Like si la escucharas en 3030

  • Richard Guerrero
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    Like si la escucha en 2050

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    Al ultimo ella lo mata?

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