I Bought $1000 Lost Luggage at a Storage Unit Auction and Found This… (Buying Lost Luggage Auction) Baixar mp3 - Baixar vídeo

  • Published on Jun 7, 2018

  • I bought $1000 lost luggage at a storage unit auction and found this… I can’t believe what we found in this suitcase! Baggage auctions and storage auctions are so much fun, mystery auction for lost luggage, just like opening a mystery box! Similar to storage wars but with lost bag inside if an abandoned storage unit. Part 1: I Bought $1000 Lost Luggage at a Storage Unit Auction and Found This… (Buying Lost Luggage Auction) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cJlbH... I Bought $1000 Lost Luggage at an Auction and Found This… (Buying Lost Luggage Mystery Auction) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSPEl... SOOUUU WEEEE!!
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    GABBIE G 1 year ago (edited)

    Should we tell him the 1000 wons are worth like 1 dollar?

  • Kyla Johnson
    Kyla Johnson 7 months ago

    when you think you're rich but you only got $0.90

  • Kirishima katsuki
    Kirishima katsuki 11 months ago

    1,000 Korean dollars is $0.89

  • Johnrey Dogayo
    Johnrey Dogayo 2 months ago

    Who Watching this

  • Pipit Maysyaroh
    Pipit Maysyaroh 5 months ago

    He found toshiba charger and yet he still confused🤣🤣🤣🤣. Someone please tell him that he found toshiba, not dell 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Da Boy
    Da Boy 4 months ago


  • Brock Giles
    Brock Giles 5 months ago

    When the comment section thinks they're smart but they just googled how much 1000 won is worth

  • Merpy
    Merpy 11 months ago


  • Daru Hashida
    Daru Hashida 3 hours ago

    These videos are so entertaining but are ruined by the sound. Yelling over loud music is making it had to watch.

  • callmelyn73
    callmelyn73 1 year ago

    I think each of those bags belonged to different people. Wouldn’t it be funny if they were purchased at an airport auction and the buyer just put everything in storage to come back and get later but didn’t? Wonder how much they paid?

  • Atalia .S
    Atalia .S 10 months ago

    my theory is that, that man (sorry i forgot his name) is a boss in an alternative energy research facility some where. from all the flight record, his stuff and his contact we can agree that he is a traveler looking for alternative energy and seeing what are the energy problem in all country in this world. from his contact and flight record we can see that he concentrate his research in asia and the middle east. he is kind-hearted judging from his photos and from all the shoes and jewelry that he have (because my mom also friendly to her friend and her students in the university and they love to give my mom gift), although he only can see his family a couple time judging from his son's letter for dad days (because he wants to remember his son while he's in work). he also love the poor one and he will work hard and travel everywhere just to help humans gets alternative energy that's why he has the air pump pillow. his businessman attitude also felt in his routine, he has a lot of coupon and other thing. he is a great man

  • The Moto Man
    The Moto Man 4 months ago

    1,000 won is 1.13 Canadian

  • Kyng Thomas
    Kyng Thomas 3 days ago

    Can I get some of those things you are throwing away Dustin?

  • Sophie Price
    Sophie Price 1 month ago

    I love how the 1000 won note is only 1.10 Canadian dollars 😂

  • Annalize Pattinson
    Annalize Pattinson 14 hours ago

    My mom has two of the wooden boxes

    KIMMY KIM 5 months ago

    The other guy is Handsome and cool Robertson 😍

  • dasscciiaa.x Williamson


  • stark tony
    stark tony 4 months ago

    Man those papers on alternate energy is mine do u still have it?

  • DankDestroyer96
    DankDestroyer96 11 months ago

    help. ive run out of hangers

  • JC's Channel
    JC's Channel 1 month ago

    Lol 1000 Korean Money just cost 1.03 U.S Dollars bruh🤣